Bubbles written by my father, John Nott 1942 – 2000

This poem was written by my Dad before he died on Good Friday April 21st 2000. He was 57 years old and died of bowel cancer. He regularly ran the London marathon and his fastest recorded time was 3 hours and 24 mins.

He was always proud of everything he did and I think if he was alive now he would be using the internet to share his thoughts and love to everyone.

He loved life and he lived every second of it. He was fearless and took on every challenge that came his way.

He was an amazing man, friend to many, loving husband and a father to my brother and I. The words in his poem ‘Bubbles’ are significant in many ways and they do make you stop and think. We are all like bubbles.

Please feel free to share his poem. Hopefully he’s looking down at us all and smiling.


Steven Nott

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