Blame modern technology for the ‘Sound of Music’ leaving us

Have you ever seen a teenager walking down the street listening to a mobile phone but without headphones ?

I have, and very often I see them, oblivious to their surroundings, mobile phone speakers at full volume.

As I walk by, I hear sound of ‘tss shh tss shh’ as if they were listening to an album called ‘White Noise’ by a band called ‘Hiss’.

It always makes me wonder what pleasure, youngsters get, from listening to music in such a strange and quality-less way. But they do they know anything different ?

No bass, no feeling of rhythm that get’s your heart pounding and absolutely no emotion being received.  The artist would have put all his or her sole into producing that track when writing and recording, yet all that is being received through a mobile phone speaker is hiss hiss hiss.

For that,  the mobile phone makers should be encouraged to ‘lean away’ from having an external speaker, or one that can be used for listening to music anyway. but that really won’t happen, kids seem quite happy with their technology. You wouldn’t see a youngster walk down the street with a portable Sharp Boogie box on their shoulder these days……shame really.

Going back some years, ok, quite a few years now, we had a ‘radiogram’ in the dining room. It was an all singing all dancing bit of modern kit and ‘wow’ did it play a part in our family lives.

When I stayed at my Grandparents house, on Sundays, my grandfather used to walk in from the local constitutional club, have his roast lamb dinner, slope off to bed for an hour to sleep off the beer and we’d always turn on the radiogram to get him singing. You could just imagine him flat out on the bed looking at the ceiling spinning around and around.

Abba would be the first, just to get him in the mood. Once we heard him starting to sing ‘Money Money Money’ or Voulez Vous’ with a slight slur, we would change over and have a session with Tom Jones, always ending with the classic ‘Delilah’, which we all joined in to.

We’d let him sleep then and we would hear him snorring for ages.

Music always played a big part in my life and that of my family too. They are great memories.

But, things have changed and ever since the word ‘wrong’  changed to ‘Pete Tong’, then it’s all gone ‘Pete Tong’ or wrong or ‘whatever’…

I have two teenager daughters and both of them like their music but I never hear them playing it. I never hear them singing along out loud, all I hear is the sound of the band again ‘White Noise’ playing ‘Hiss’ and ‘tss tss tss’. I know they like music but is their love of sound fading due to modern technology. I fear it is.

I have a stereo system in my house. In fact, my system isn’t the best but it is one of the best I’ve ever owned because I’ve never been able to afford expensive gear like Bang & Olufsen. I own an ‘Hitachi Living Systems’ stereo that has good bass, auxiliary inputs for my TV and even Bluetooth which is really useful for playing music from my Desktop PC through the Hitachi system. To be honest, it isn’t the best I’ve owned. I’m just saying that now because it’s all I’ve got and I’m proud of it…yes I know…perhaps my value of sound quality is fading too.

I used to have my own ‘jumbled and assorted’ seperate systems bought from second hand shops etc and always a very sizeable pair of 1980’s Sony or Goodman speakers. I once owned a Sanyo ‘state of the art’ 24 disc carousel  player which cost me nearly £400 in about 1993. But it was too clunky and noisy for its own good, but certainly did the trick back then playing 24 discs on random feature was great.

So, I’ve had my fair share of sound systems whether new or old and always enjoyed the output from everything I’ve had even today, my system gives good value for money but I do fear I’m joining the next generation and not listening to music half as much as I used to. Shame on me.

Maybe the reason behind that is perhaps because I’m the only one in the house now that understands the value of good quality sound and emotion provoking bass that ‘tickles ones rhythm buds’.

I do try to force the occupants in my house to listen to my music especially on a Sunday, which is when we always used to as a family, and it’s always a good idea. My kids do join in, they do like what I play but most of the time they say things like, “Dad, I’ve heard that before on a TV advert” or “Why are they using the lyrics to a band that’s only been out for a year ?”. They forget us ‘oldies’ once had a life and listened to music too.

Going back to the mobile phone speakers and their inability to provide adequate quality, I would like to make a request to everyone who reads this blog today to think about where this is all going.

If the modern world continues to eat away at quality then out future of ‘sound quality’ could be soon gone forever and it’s up to ‘us’, those who remember ‘decent vibes’ to bring it back into the family home and get the next generation ‘feeling music’ rather than just listening to crap hissy rubbish.

We owe it to our next generation to pass it on.

Get out your old records this weekend, dust off the radiogram, open your windows, turn up the bass and spread the love of real music outwards and BAN them from having any music on their mobile phone.

Challenge your kids to a sound quality competition and really show them who’s boss. You will won hands down and perhaps the kids will come out of their modern hissing coma and experience real music quality.

Go on, I dare you….

Turn it on and turn it up before it all goes Pete Tong

and while we’re on the subject, would the producers of BBC, please bring back Top of the Pops.  It’s not too late to admit you’ve made a big mistake by axing the show. We will forgive you.

All Comments welcome and published

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9 Responses to Blame modern technology for the ‘Sound of Music’ leaving us

  1. jackharrybill says:

    Agree with this all the way. I recently dug my old stereo system out of the attic and set it up. To show my kids what the music they are listening to should sound like I bought Adele’s 21 on vinyl and played it to them.

    Now play lots of stuff through the system from my phone which improves the sound no end. Sadly the fiddle and fixed position of systems like that mean they will only ever be used occasionally not as the only way of listening.

    I do think we need to see manufacturers improving the sound quality on the systems that people use daily.

  2. stevennott says:

    The very fact that manufacturer’s are still producing vinyl pleases me no end. Adele’s album 21 on vinyl. I honestly didn’t think manufacturer’s would even bother. Great to know there’s still a market out there.

  3. Sometimes I love your annoyed rants.

    Being a newfangled chap, I think I prefer the convenience of digital sound (not just music, but podcasts, lectures and audiobooks), which allows for oodles of tracks at the touch of a button.

    For comfort listening, I have an entirely reasonable 5.1 surround stereo, built over the course of a few years, through which I enjoy music and movies. It’s capable of crisp beautiful treble and house-thundering bass. And I’d hate to not have it. On bus journeys I can be found playing music from my mobile phone, through a good pair of headphones.

    I don’t get mobile phone speakers. Horrible, tiny, tinny little things that can turn magnificence into malignance.

  4. stevennott says:

    Scott……I don’t rant do I ?

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  6. stevennott says:

    I used to use IE with wordpress but found them almost incompatible and switched to google chrome. have never looked back. IE is too slow and too unreliable. Thanks for the comment though. have a great day

  7. jackharrybill says:

    IE is very far from being the market chief these days. Thankfully. Sorry jaded web designer here who has wasted too many hours of his life hacking code to make it work on old versions of IE just because Bill Gates thought his profit was more important than adhering to web standards.

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  9. stevennott says:

    >> Google maps optimization – I sent a reply to you but it’s not shown up on here….Did you receive it ?

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