Lord Leveson, Piers Morgan and Oonagh Blackman

I appeared at The Leveson Inquiry on the 6th December 2011 to swear under oath and give evidence relating to ‘what I think’ was a major cover up between Vodafone, the Authorities and the tabloids.

The video of the morning’s hearing http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/hearing/2011-12-06am/

My witness statement http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/evidence/?witness=steven-nott

My website http://www.hackergate.co.uk/

Thirteen years ago, I tried to warn everyone about the danger of voicemail interception, now known as ‘phone hacking’ and the effect it would have on society if the ‘handy little trick’ as Piers Morgan once called it, got into the hands of criminals and newspapers, which I’m not sure of the difference these days.

We all know about it and many still don’t know how it was done but it was easy but not widely known…..or was it ?

Cutting to the chase, my evidence brought The Daily Mirror, who was being run by Piers Morgan, into the spotlight and Vodafone, the mobile network who “don’t know why they didn’t do anything” according to their Head of Security, Mark Hughes who has also been questioned at Leveson also under the phone hacking spotlight. http://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=7&ved=0CHIQFjAG&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.newburytoday.co.uk%2F2011%2Fold-news-article-18579&ei=vGICUJrCPInH0QX4rJG-Bw&usg=AFQjCNEZjGC94MRTKSoWkzzkU9Qah0PvYw&sig2=J3aHtUppYgrHG1eQyNq3pw

Piers Morgan was questioned about my evidence and the only defence he had was to attack my character and insult me. Please see this video here of Piers being questioned on the 20th December at Leveson by the phone hacking victims lawyer, David Sherborne. Just to add, Piers Morgan denies phone hacking also, along with Trinity Mirror and both have never challenged my evidence. Watch out for when Morgan calls ‘Oonagh Blackman’ just a reporter. She wasn’t….


Now, I’m not writing this blog about Piers Morgan and his ‘squirming nature’, I’m posting this because I’m not happy with the way the Leveson Inquiry has ‘only touched the surface’ of my evidence that dealt with Piers Morgans Special Projects Editor, Oonagh Blackman.

You see, Ms Blackman , was my contact at The Daily Mirror during my campaign all those years ago and has not yet been called to the phone hacking inquiry to be asked questions or ‘even to’ defend herself from my allegations.

Don’t you find this rather odd ? I certainly do, and no doubt many others who have listened and read about my evidence. I’ll try and explain in some more detail….

Oonagh Blackman, was Piers Morgan’s Special Projects Editor and would have had a free run of the Daily Mirror newsrooms. She gets contacted by a man claiming to have found a way to access Vodafone voicemail which could lead to ‘free’ scoops and tip offs.

Blackman, researched this ‘handy little trick’ and piled many resources into writing up a big scandalous story that was a threat to National Security. I was told by Oonagh, that ‘everyone’ was onto the story and they were ringing as many publicly profiled people as possible to gain a reaction from those who’d been hacked to further strengthen their front page headline. This went on for a short time until the story was spiked and I was told to go on my way. Hmmm

Anyway, I did go on my way but which way did Oonagh Blackman go ?

During her time at the Daily Mirror working for Piers Morgan, she became the Whitehall editor, then the Deputy Political Editor and eventually became Piers’ National Political Editor. Quite a title for someone especially when Morgan appeared to ‘dumb down’ her role and called her ‘just a reporter’ when he was questioned at Leveson. I’ve always found that a little suspicious. I’m pretty good at reading the nature and character of people and I do think Piers was hiding something. I just can’t trust the man.

Was it the fact that Oonagh Blackman was more than ‘just a reporter’ ?. Well, yes, in fact we know , she was more than that, she was promoted to Political Editor in May 2004 by Piers Morgan. It wasn’t long after that though the ‘British Troops fake photos‘ got Piers sacked.

Moving on, Oonagh Blackman left the Daily Mirror in 2007 to become a ‘Special Adviser’ for the Labour Party.

The MP she was ‘aide’ to, was Shaun Woodward, just happened to be one of the richest MP’s in Britain with more famous contacts than you could shake a stick at and was also a defector from the Conservative Party. I suggest you start googling if you want to delve any deeper. here’s an interesting link though to a party he held which had 2000 guests including royalty http://www.nio.gov.uk/secretary-of-state-hosts-royal-occasion-for-over-2000-guests-hillsborough-castle/media-detail.htm?newsID=15220

What was a very experienced Daily Mirror Political Editor doing, leaving a very successful career of 11 years and going into a world of Government ?  I must say, she was in a perfect position to mix with everyone who had any status being a special adviser to an MP who held lavish parties to 2000 guests in lavish castles. Hmmm.

I can compare Blackman to Coulson. Experienced, professional and very successful journalists working  deep within both hearts of government.  I smell a rat…or two.

Getting back to the title of this blog – ‘The Leveson Inquiry has not done enough’, I do feel that Lord Justice Leveson should have at least called Oonagh Blackman to answer some serious questions. Questions such as …

  1. Why was the 1999 phone hacking story spiked ?
  2. Who were the people you contacted when you were ‘researching’ the phone hacking story ?
  3. What did you discuss with Piers Morgan ?
  4. Why did you leave Trinity Mirror and enter Government ?
  5. Why have you not yet come forward to answer any allegations ?

Something you may not know…

Sean Hoare, a very respected ‘hack’ died on July 18th 2011. There were reports of his death in many newspapers as he was a ‘whistleblower’ and the events leading up to his death seemed suspicious at the time.

Sean Hoare, worked at The Sun and News of the World with Andy Coulson and was the first named journalist to allege that Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff. His death came at a time when the phone hacking story was a ‘daily frenzy’ in the media and rumours were flying around about a whistleblower had died in suspicious circumstances. These rumours went on for a while but later on it was announced Mr Hoare had health problems and died as a result of long term illness and other related issues.

Here’s a story from the telegraph about his death http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/phone-hacking/8648482/Phone-hacking-Sean-Hoares-family-say-whistleblower-will-be-proved-right.html

In case you didn’t know..

Mr Hoare’s wife Joanne came from a family of journalists. Her father Peter was said to work for the Evening Standard and her sister Oonagh Blackman, was a former National Political Editor for The Mirror.

Where is Oonagh Blackman in all of this ? A life of journalism, an experienced ‘editor’ and yet no appearance at the Leveson inquiry.

Blackman has many answers which is maybe why she hasn’t appeared or been asked. There’s a possibility that she was one of the ‘anonymous’ witness that Lord Justice Leveson talked about calling to the inquiry. If that’s the case then will we ever know the real truth what’s been going on behind the scenes of one of the UK worst scandal ? I doubt it now. I fear it is too late. If Leveson doesn’t delve deep enough, let’s hope Operations Weeting, Tuleta and Elveden do. I don’t have a lot of faith left in all of this and will carry a bitter pill around with me for the rest of my life especially after seeing how Alastair Morgan and his campaign for a judicial inquiry into his brothers murder is being dealt with by the Home Secretary Theresa May. Some serious injustice there which exposes everything from 5 failed police inquiries, corruption, bribery and murder. To find out more about Alastair and his mother’s fight against the corrupt machine please visit http://www.justice4daniel.org/ or contact Alastair directly on Twitter at @AlastairMorgan & @justice4daniel

Summing it up…

I had my time at Leveson and exposed a story that should never have been buried. I’m no missing link in any of this. I merely tried to stop something that I could see as being a big problem in the future.

Unfortunately, embarassing for some, no doubt, seeing as people are paid to do that sort of job ie, the remit of a government ‘Director of Communications’ perhaps….oooh hang on, Andy Coulson had that role.

Just touching on the Coulson bit for a moment. When I visited The Sun at News International HQ in Wapping in the summer of 1999 to expose the Vodafone / Daily Mirror voicemail interception story, Rebekah Brooks ( then WADE )  was the Deputy Editor for The Sun and Andy Coulson worked on the paper’s showbiz column, Bizarre.

Funny that….

For more on my story and the real truth please visit



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  1. goggzilla says:

    Blackman quite deranged!

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