SHOCKING ! Cafe in ASDA Cwmbran only receives a Food hygiene rating of only 2 !


Would you Adam and Eve it ? I’ve just visited my local ASDA store in Cwmbran and noticed they are now displaying the ‘required by law’ Food Hygiene rating sticker in their front window and they’ve only received a 2 out of 5.

The ‘scores on the doors’ ratings have been going for a while now in Wales and only until very recently been made mandatory.

Asda could have put up their own ‘scores on the doors’ themselves earlier but it seems that it was only put up because of the new laws coming into force here in Wales. I wonder why that is…..

The reason why I say this is because the ASDA Cwmbran rating received by the food standard agency is only a 2 with the highest possible mark being a 5. Pretty poor show considering they are a multi million pound company and have superstores nationwide.

Here’s a screenshot of the National Food Hygiene website’s ratings and what they mean…


You must understand this only applies to the cafe in Asda Cwmbran and not the entire store so I wouldn’t go running out of there screaming “unclean..unclean” as if the place was infested by the plague but you have to consider, there is still a problem with the cafe and looking at the way the ratings are scored suggests the place is in need of improvement.

Even more worrying though….

I asked two members of staff at the cafe this morning about the ‘scores on the doors’ certificate Asda Cwmbran has received for their cafe standards and they didn’t have a clue what I was on about.

I told them what the window sticker displayed on the front of the shop was for and they weren’t aware that the cafe had received any rating for food hygiene. Oh dear….now I’m worried for sure.

Not only am I concerned about the fact that they should be displaying a 5 considering their size and the amount of customers they have but the fact that the staff aren’t aware of such a scheme tells me the feedback from the management is truly abysmal.

The whole idea of this ‘scores on the doors’ rating is to get businesses who supply food to their customers to work in a health and safe environment at all times and provide a duty of care to their customers to be safe and clean at all times too.

A large superstore cafe open to the general public and only receiving a rating of 2 is very worrying.

I think it might be good idea for everyone to be a little more aware about where we eat and the standard of the premises and hygiene practices at that business. Not being funny guys but you won’t find me eating anything from a cafe that only get’s a rating of 2

I definitely won’t be eating at Cwmbran’s ASDA cafe again unless their food hygiene rating increases.

Here’s a Government website that if can type in any business in your area you can find out what food hygiene rating they have received. Well worth a look and also an eye opener too…

This is the link to our local site where ASDA is listed and by typing in Sainsbury’s in Cwmbran you will see they have received the highest rating which is a 5 and so they should. Asda’s cafe in Cwmbran rating of 2 is an embarrassment to the town.

Just one more thing….ASDA Cwmbran is the ‘central’ training site for the whole of ASDA across the UK.

That’s not exactly setting a good example.

I was going to give ASDA the right of reply by contacting them but after talking to the members of staff in the cafe inside the store I just rolled my eyes and thought other people need to know and thought best to send them a link to this blog on twitter instead.

If you have a twitter account why don’t you tweet them too @asda

Thanks for reading.

Steven Nott

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One Response to SHOCKING ! Cafe in ASDA Cwmbran only receives a Food hygiene rating of only 2 !

  1. Cassandra Taylor says:

    It applies to the whole store actually not just the cafe area. All areas of the store are unhygienic and need improvement including bakery and butchery. I received a report from the environmental health officer concerning this which is how I know as I shop there regularly and was worried about the rating. I now only buy food in packets off the shelves and never fresh food as it’s too risky. Also Sainsbury’s has a 4 not a 5.

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