I will always publish threatening and intimidating emails for all to see

As promised and against the ‘wishes’ of Dennis Rice, here are the the emails he has sent threatening me of legal action. I hate bullies and will always expose them whenever I can. If anyone wants to communicate with me then it will be in the public domain and not hiding behind fake legal threats.


1st email received 2nd August 2014 
Confidential – Not For Publication (or damages for a breach of the condition will be sought)
Dear Mr Nott,
Please consider this email as a 48 hour legal warning that your name is being included in a list of individuals who have repeated and spread defamatory material in blogs authored by a Mr Richard Bartholomew in which I am labelled as “corrupt” and a “malignant tumour in British journalism.” This list is being passed by my trade union to libel lawyers to act in this matter on a “no win, no fee” basis. Should you wish to remove yourself from these proceedings – which I am advised are undefendable – I shall require an apology in writing and your immediate removal of your defamatory re tweets and comments before Monday morning.
Yours sincerely,
Dennis Rice 

I then posted a tweet on Twitter
and then another…
https://twitter.com/StevenNott/status/496191431544143872and then I received this email not long after


 2nd email received today 4th August 2014
Strictly Private and Confidential – Not For Publication.
Dear Mr Nott, my libel lawyers are Carter Ruck. Since you have not only continued to re post defamatory smears about me, but added some of your own, I will be taking proceedings against you. When you lose – and you will lose – the costs and damages will be met by you either out of any funds you have or a charge on your property.
Part of the defamation suit will include tweets you posted about the Hacking Trial which were in Contempt of Court. I have them all. Let me again repeat that re tweeting a libel is libel (as many found with Lord McAlpine) and when a legal warning is marked as Confidential and Not For Publication then published in breach of this damages are also awarded.
Would you like the legal correspondence sent to your home address, or do you have a solicitor who can represent you. Defending this incidentally is going to cost you an awful lot of money, which is precisely why I tried to warn you off continuing this I will take no pleasure from this but you created this situation.
Yours sincerely,
Dennis Rice
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6 Responses to I will always publish threatening and intimidating emails for all to see

  1. Part of the defamation suit will include tweets you posted about the Hacking Trial which were in Contempt of Court

    Now, isn’t that for a judge for to decide?

    Tsk, tsk. What a naughty, disingenuous person that Mr Rice is.

  2. Dennis Rice says:

    Dear Mr Nott,

    This afternoon I found myself giving a statement to an officer from Holborn Police Station about messages threatening physical harm to myself and my family which were sent to me after you posted my private email address on your website.

    Doubtless the police will wish to speak to you about how you created this situation. I do genuinely hope for your sake you are not behind the sending of these emails – as you are in enough trouble as it is.

    This has moved from a civil to a criminal Inquiry and it is all thanks to you.

    • stevennott says:

      Your email address was posted in this blog in error. There must have been a computer error when I originally saved the blog to ‘draft’. I have now removed it. Thanks for letting me know. Have a nice day.

  3. stevennott says:

    Just a quick pointer to ANYONE who replies to comments made in this blog and any other blog come to think of it, your NEW comments are approved automatically and become publicly visible if you have already commented before and have had your comment approved. I have just had to to ‘unnaprove’ a comment made by some dozey muppet who has been commenting on my blog because they didn’t want it ‘for publication’. Jeez…the sense of some people – almost makes me think attention seeking is a medical condition. I hope the person or persons who should be reading this are reading it and stop trying to cause trouble. Honestly,l some people bring it upon themselves…they really do.

    Now just in case you don’t understand the concept of blogging and leaving comments I’ll explain one more time…..

    DO NOT COMMENT and leave information you wish to remain out of the public domain on this blog if you have already had a previous comment approved. It’s not rocket science is it.

    All comments ( that shouldn’t be here ) have now been ‘UNNAPROVED’ and removed from this blog – thankfully I noticed in time and hoping for your sake others didn’t see what you had posted.

    Please think twice before hitting the submit button – you know who you are.

    *shakes head*

  4. stevennott says:

    To the person who left a comment titled –

    “Not For Publication – if breached will be passed to investigating officers”

    YOUR COMMENT WAS REMOVED MANUALLY ( as of 16:00 hrs 16/09/2014 ) as you perhaps don’t understand how blogging works.

    Please take care when posting comments.

    Please see my previous comment.


    Mr Nott

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