Cwmbran Marks and Spencer trialing WITHOUT a security guard for 12 weeks ! What do you think ?


I was standing in the queue with my mother waiting to pay for some items and overheard a loud panicky voice behind me saying “Has anyone seen a Per-Una grey and black fleece jacket?” and then the voice, even louder this time, shouted out “Has anyone seen a Per-Una grey and black fleece jacket?”. I turned around and noticed a member of staff in a state of controlled panic and waving a black coat hanger, waiting for a reply from any members of staff at the ‘Pay here at the tills’ counter.

I quickly responded to her calls for answers and said “We’ve just put one back on the shelf over there if that’s what you’re looking for”, pointing her towards the direction of where my mother left the coat that she tried on.

She looked at me, with her lonely coat hanger and asked me to show her where I meant.

I took her over to the aisle where we left the coat and showed her the coat. She was relieved it was the one she was looking for.

What had happened, my mother was trying on coats and she was going to buy this coat so was carrying it around the store looking for other coats on another section. After trying on many coats and shuffling coat hangers around my mother decided what she wanted and returned this ‘grey and black fleece jacket’ back to the aisle where it was found but it was on a different hanger. The hanger for this coat was then left on another hook around the corner with nothing on it. A hanger is just a hanger.

Ok no problem, panic over. The staff member had spotted the empty coat hanger and thought that the coat had been removed and stolen from the store. Easy mistake to make but very ‘on the ball’ for any member of staff don’t you think ? She recognized the style of coat hanger and the fact it was in the wrong place.

I mentioned this to the staff member and remarked on how observant she was. It’s not very often you find a member of staff with such loyalty to their employer. At the end of the day, it’s up to the security guards to make sure this sort of thing doesn’t go on….isn’t it ?

Well, that’s where I was startled to find out that Marks and Spencer in Cwmbran have no security anymore. Get this – they’re now trialing store security WITHOUT a security guard and relying on all members of staff to prevent tackle the problem of shoplifting. This is for the next 12 weeks. The staff member told me this and said they were already seeing coat hangers in wrong places, price tags and plastic security loops strewn under clothes rails etc. 

The pressure put on Marks and Spencer staff members to ensure theft prevention within the store is obviously showing and with the run up to Christmas coming the store is going to be a shoplifters delight and staff are going to be running around like headless chickens. If one coat hanger causes a panic what will it be like at Christmas ?. I dread to think.

Ok, so it’s perhaps not a good idea to make this publicly known. The very fact that Marks and Spencer has no security is going to be a problem if the word gets out. Well, you heard it here first. the WORD is OUT !!

Marks and Spencer should not put the pressure of store security on their staff who already have enough to do. I’ve worked in the retail industry for years and know how difficult the job is without adding any extra problems to your role. 

Prices are always based upon profit margins and cover the costs of many things and theft is included in this cost make-up too and we, as customers, contribute to providing the money to needed to prevent shoplifting etc. So the more things stolen the more the percentage of cost in mark-up gets added onto the customers overall buying price…and this is not fair.

The best way to tackle this and to reduce the cost of your products from being increased is to spread the word. I know it might seem a little petty but staff should NEVER be put on to provide store security. That’s what Security Guards are for. 

It’s obvious it’s just a way of saving extra money but a bit unfair don’t you think?

If you think your local Marks and Spencers store should have a security guard then please share this to anyone you know.

At the moment, I can only verify this is just the Cwmbran store but if this trial works then they’ll no doubt roll it out to other stores.

Also, if you fancy a bit of shoplifting and without fear of being chased by a security guard, why not visit the Cwmbran store….

I’m going to link this blog to Marks and Spencer’s twitter account now and use the hashtag #MarksAndSpencerNeedsASecurityGuard and hope the manager at their Cwmbran store re-instates one very soon. After all, if the word gets out, shoplifters will be heading straight for their doors. And why not, nobody cares anymore anyway….

Please help spread the word and get Cwmbran’s Marks and Spencer staff a security guard because they might just need one now…..ssshhhh……..don’t tell anyone ok









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