Thankyou and Goodbye.

Thank you and Goodbye

Thanks again Rupert. This was quite useful.

It’s been an incredible four years since joining Twitter. I’ve had a very interesting time to say the least. Fun, laughter, intimidation, harassment, tears, bullying and even threats to have my penis cut off  and shoved down my throat. Yes, a very interesting 4 years.
It was 16th July 2011 when I signed up and now after 4 years I’m pulling the plug on Twitter for good.

At the time of joining, Twitter was the best platform available and gave me the opportunity to voice my concerns over what I thought back then was a media cover-up and still, today, my thoughts are unchanged. There has definitely been a cover-up.

I’ve made contact with many amazing people, in fact, far too many to list. I would like to think you all know who you are and hope you accept my apologies for not directing my ‘goodbye’ personally.


Daniel Morgan was a hero

I would like to extend my goodbyes just that little further to Alastair Morgan. Alastair is my hero, although I rarely see him these days, I still have the utmost respect for everything he’s done to expose the Metropolitan Police and their 5 failed and corrupt police inquiries into the murder of Alastair’s brother, Daniel Morgan, in the car park of the Golden Lion Pub in Sydenham in 1987, where Daniel was about to blow the whistle on serious police corruption. Serious questions need to be asked You can find Alastair on Twitter > @AlastairMorgan Thanks Alastair. Dan would have been my hero too. xx

I cannot extend my thanks enough to everyone else. I wish I could thank everyone personally for their support, their help and their guidance. I’m not the crispiest of cookies in the jar and without the help I’ve received directly from some, I may have ended up in being cared for by Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

Honestly, being prosecuted under the malicious communications act and contempt of court are serious offences and I was close to being guilty of both however a good Samaritan from Twitter came to my aid. Thank you to this person who shall remain anonymous at their request.

Like I said, it’s been a real learning curve to say the least.

Good or evilI love Twitter for what it can do but I hate Twitter too because of what it does.
It festers hate, it spreads malice, it shares laughter and it also makes all smile. I can only describe Twitter as a primary school playground where grown ups hangout with extra pea shooters and skipping ropes at the ready.

I’ve noticed on numerous occasions that I can take the side of the ‘hatred and malice’ gang and find myself joining in and ganging up on those who may or may not deserve it. But it’s not up to me or you to decide the guilt of others even though some of us manage to embroil ourselves into the affairs of others and immerse ourselves even more deeply as time goes by. This is something that I’ve learnt in my 4 years here. I’m guilty of that too.


RIP Jacintha Saldanha

Social media has become the posse and the mob in the market square and in some cases, it’s even been the hangman – Remember the Australian radio reporters pretending to be the Royal family ?

I’m not happy to feel part of this global lynching mob whether the world needs one or not. That’s not me and if you’ve got similar thoughts yourself, perhaps it’s time for you to get out too – while you can.

I used Twitter to share my story that’s all. I got slated for doing so. I did what I had to do though but I feel like I’m paying more of a price the longer I stay on board.

I’ve been called a self publicist and an attention seeker. Well, strangely enough, that’s exactly what I had to be to get noticed. I am guilty of that too. You don’t get anywhere in life unless you blow your own trumpet. It’s even more difficult trying to sell what you have to people if the people who should be listening are the people you’re exposing and embarrassing.

You have to seek attention to get heard and if you’re not getting the message across then you need to give it more and more and more until finally someone stands still and takes notice. Sometimes chipping away at your targets can be the only way. I’m guilty of this.

I’m no whistleblower, but I’ve been named as one. I’m no straw man either. I’m just a normal everyday 47 year old bloke who does everything with passion. I take on something and I give more than anyone can imagine.

New Bond Street bronzes

Fitting back in with the old

Yes, my family know I’m eccentric and they know that I don’t do things in moderation. I do a normal job, I live on normal money and I have a normal life. Well, I did have until the phone hacking scandal turned up on my doorstep one morning and I dipped my toe into the depths of the oceans of Twitter. I must admit, I have a zeal for life, I have a zest for living and I have a passion for getting things done. I am guilty of that.

Please don’t spend your life doing things ‘half arsed’. Get up, get going and smash it into next week. Treat every hurdle in life like you should treat all bullies. Step over them, step on them, knock them down on the floor and walk or jump straight over the top. Life is for living and defeating the enemy.
In life, we make friends and we make enemies. I never knew I could have enemies until I reached out into the twittersphere. Life is far too short to be hated by anyone. Get up every morning and mentally punch the air with your fist and take the day as it comes. You will feel better for it.


“You’re nice”

I don’t hate anyone, I may loath what I know about some people and find it very hard in some cases to forgive what they’ve done but I’m learning how to change.
My loathing of certain people has been shared through my tweets and this may sound strange, I regret much of what I’ve posted and in some cases I’ve deleted tweets.
I remember tweeting a negative message of dislike to Owen Jones, I don’t recall the message but I remember his reply. It read “You’re nice”.

Yep, two words that really hit home but didn’t hit home enough. I also tweeted to Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio2 and accused him of being a troll in the way he marketed his 12 noon Radio 2 show. I was the troll. It seems like I was the one looking for reaction. There again, Twitter is a giant breeding ground for trolls, it’s a nursery for malice and a home for hatred. Negativity on social media smothers positivity everywhere else. I am guilty of this too.

Alan Rusbridger

Former Guardian chief BLOCKED me on Twitter, so much for public interest in the National press.

I’ve even managed to get myself blocked by Alan Rusbridger the former Guardian Chief because I could never understand why he would never listen to my phone hacking story. He probably didn’t see any of my earlier tweets and only the one that said something on the lines of “you’re covering up part of the phone hacking scandal because my story takes it back 3 years earlier” and then thought, I’m not having this, who does this Steven Nott think he is, that’s it, I’m blocking him.


George Galloway has people ‘tweeting’ for him. He’s a busy man.

The same happened with George Galloway. Strangely, I went to London to see his lawyer and was asked to be a witness for his case against Glen Mulcaire and News International. He blocked me. I don’t know why. I only heard last night that George Galloway has people tweeting for him because he’s ‘very busy’. Oh well, that explains it then.

Getting blocked can really feel like a kick in the teeth sometimes especially if you’ve got something to expose and you know full well there are people out their with things to hide.

It seems more and more people are coming out from the woodwork to expose wrongdoing. This is amazing BUT I have noticed that many are getting the cold shoulder from journalism – almost as if social media is becoming saturated with claims of wrong doing increasing dramatically. A typical example of this is Nicholas Wilson aka @nw_nicholas and his almost frantic attempts to be heard as an HSBC whistleblower. More people need to take notice of people like him. See his story here > HSBC corruption


David Sherborne at Leveson inquiry : “Mr Nott was right though Mr Morgan, wasn’t he ?” Piers Morgan “Yes”

Others who have blocked me include a certain former Daily Mirror editor, who actually unblocked me once for this but I didn’t waste time throwing every little shred of evidence I had back at him as you do especially when you have justice seeker blood running through your veins. I threw enough of it back at him to block me for the second time. I always wondered why he actually unblocked me in the first place. I even set up a petition to send him back to America  if he got deported . See what I mean, there might be justice seeking blood running through my veins but there’s also some hatred in there too. Hey, perhaps he was offering me an open handed welcome to change my ways….who knows. I don’t think I’ve made a friend here. It’s a shame because I would to have the opportunity to meet up with this man, share a pint with him and make my own judgement by what I see and feel rather than just what I read and hear. If anyone is willing to ask him for me then please do. I promise I wouldn’t punch him like Clarkson did.

My negative opinions of the press have strengthened. They are the most powerful force in the UK and control our Government. They protect, they expose, they ignore. They do what they want, to who they want and when they want. They are not there for you an I.

My opinions on the regional press have changed too. They are truthful in their stories, they have amazing reporters and if anyone wants to try a career in journalism, I would like to think they would make their regional newspapers top of their goals to strive to and forget beyond that where the tabloids and National newspapers takeover. The truth is in journalism but tends to fade away when the red tops are involved. Just my opinion.


“I didn’t know phone hacking was illegal”

On a more positive note, my opinion on individual journalists has changed. I understand the need to expose, I understand the need to break a world exclusive and I respect their work massively. I just still find it a teeny weeny problem trying to comprehend how an investigative journalist has permission to break the law to expose wrongdoing. It goes against all I’m about.
For example, David Leigh, a Guardian journalist admitted he ‘once’ used phone hacking to expose a secret arms deal. When he exposed this information to the Leveson Inquiry everyone seem to think that it was ok.  I never thought so and still find it incredibly hard to believe he only used phone hacking once either. However, I spoke very briefly to David Leigh while sat in the court room and he seemed genuinely a nice man. How can anyone in an industry run by strict rules and codes of practice NOT KNOW that phone hacking was illegal ? ( bearing in mind now that we all know it was endemic throughout the whole of Fleet Street ). *innocent face*

Which, then brings me back to ME and what I think. It’s not up to me to decide the innocence or guilt of others but I’m still guilty of doing it. It’s not up to me to spread malicious gossip or boost the growth in hatred across social media platforms but I’m still guilty of it. It is up to me to show some respect for others and still after 4 years, I’m finding that task very difficult EVEN NOW which is why I’m better off away from it all.  ( ie see comment above *innocent face* ). I am guilty yet again.

I would stay on Twitter if I knew I could behave myself and stay professional at all times but I can’t trust myself to be like this 100% of the time and neither can many others but I’m about to make that change and learn from it. I don’t want to be part of any mob.


You’re not doing yourself any favours

I follow Louise Mensch, I’ve chatted to her on Twitter through Direct Messaging, I see her tweets BUT everything she does on social media has a tendency to wind me up. Is it because of the way she conducts herself or is it because I’ve developed yet another loathing – all because she writes a column in a newspaper hated by many others ? Ok, so she’s a bit like Katie Hopkins’ Twitter double but she uses her account as a tool. Louise may have an agenda but she acts like ‘a tool’ in the way she portrays herself publicly. Hey, who knows, maybe one day, she may realise she’s flogging her own dead horse. Which then takes me back to what I’ve been saying all along. I shouldn’t be here making judgement on others either. I’m doing this even now in a blog. I don’t have any authority to do so. Yet again, I’m guilty. See where I’m going with this….Sorry Louise.

So, my apologies to everyone on Twitter, I have upset, I have insulted, to anyone I’ve caused distress, I have falsely accused of criminality and to anyone I’ve called a liar. I truly am sorry. I am guilty.

I look at my Twitter account and it’s taken me 4 years to mould it into what I wanted others to see. I’m guilty of that. I’ve made it look like I have prominence. I’ve unfollowed many on numerous occasions mainly to keep my timeline clearer and easier to find info but I also admit it looks like I’m part of society that has ‘importance’. It’s a very odd feeling knowing that many famous people know me and never even met them. I just feel that I may be guilty of milking my position slightly to strengthen my following of this ‘self publicist style’ prominence even further. Yes, it’s been nice being ‘nearly famous’ while it lasted. But Twitter has turned me into a fake person. I am guilty of this too.

I even sent a Twitter DM through to David Walliams once asking him if there was anyway I could buy tickets to the Britain’s Got Talent final.

David Walliams Promotes His Book "Mr Stink" At Bluewater Shopping Centre In Kent. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Yes Mr Nott, you are the real MR STINK !!

Yes, exactly, I was trying to use MY connections to get something for ME. Proof that I’m indeed selfish too. Proof that if you get yourself in a position you can use it to your advantage. I’m truly ashamed. I knew I shouldn’t have asked but I still went ahead. Apologies to David Walliams for my inexcusable behaviour. Guilty again.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the past 4 years. I don’t like what I’ve become.
I’ve tried it. I don’t like it. It’s not me. I want the old me back. My old life wasn’t full of guilt like this.

I’ve just quickly read through this and thought here I go again, I’ve gone off one, rambling about this and going on about that and I could carry on typing all day because everything I do, I seem to do with a great deal of ‘detail’ and ‘passion’ and if I didn’t stop I’d probably end up writing this for the next 20 years.

I want my simple life back and I’m leaving Twitter today, for good, hopefully this will help me return to normality and get back to the real world. There is one out there I promise you. I’m from the real world. Come and join me if you fancy an escape.

I’m not going to delete my Twitter account. It is a record of my time on Twitter. It’s a place full of links and useful information. It also points to my story and that’s something I will never forget. It also has many famous people following me and I like to think I’m still ‘mixing with the celebs’ even though I now know I’m not. I can’t just throw all that away, Can I ?

Yes, I’m a hypocrite too. In fact I’m a fake guilty hypocrite but at least I know myself more now than ever. I’ve even managed to ‘boost’ up my own farewell blog with pictures of celebrities. You’ve got to laugh though.

Anyway, I hope you understand.

Goodbye and thank you to everyone for being there WITH me, FOR me and now ….AFTER me.

Best wishes

Steven Nott

For more info on my story exposing the Daily Mirror and Sun – revealing how a massive public interest story comes to them in the Summer of 1999 exposing a serious threat to national security BUT they BOTH FAIL to tell their readers. Here is > the blog I set up because the press didn’t want to know

Keep smiling Tweeps

Phone hacking claims

Proof that some things in life should come to an end


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