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Correction : The weekend of 26th June 1999 was when I contacted the Mirror offices about phone hacking.

It’s taken me some time to work out exactly when I contacted the Mirror to expose the Vodafone phone hacking loophole and when I knew I had to get the dates right before I blogged about them in my WEBSITE¬†and … Continue reading

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I can’t keep this quiet any longer….

What has Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson have to do with the phone hacking scandal ? Read on and you’ll see the secret I’ve been keeping to myself for years. It may not be relevant but it’s not up to me … Continue reading

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Phonehacked by the Mail on Sunday > Gerald Kaufman, Tessa Jowell, David Blunkett & Edwina Currie in May 2000

This article was written on May 7th 2000 and shows that MP’s such as Tessa Jowell, David Blunkett, Gerald Kaufman and Edwina Currie were all made aware to the problems of phone hacking 13 years ago. Surprisingly, some had been … Continue reading

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